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"When my sister and I were like seven, she was in a school play and she was a butterfly, and she wore this little red romper thing and I was always so jealous of her, I need to make that."

And you've been chasing butterflies ever since, haven't you, Boo Boo Kitty? Yes. You have.

Was that not the most obvious loser's edit in the history of loser edits? We have traveled the lands of reality television blogging extensively and we've come back to tell you, no one, but no one, ever thinks the weepy call home is a good sign.

To be honest, we think the judges were a little hard on both of these looks.

Nina was right to remind Boo Boo that this is a design competition. It's a critique we've made ourselves and we felt superior and vindicated in our pajamas last night watching the Colombian Goddess say the same thing.

These looks aren't completely without merit. We think that jacket was kind of cute. It's just done in a terrible fabric. After last week's bridal debacle, we're prepared to say she's got a thing about poor fabric choices. The top is cute but the pants are bleh. The real issue is they look like clothes you can get in any mall in the world.

And despite the fact that this didn't fulfill Nina's need for "whimsy," (which is an overdone concept in children's clothing anway), we did think this looked like real children's clothes. It may not have achieved butterfly status, but it looks like a cute, fun play outfit.

None of this is meant to argue against the judges' decision. The very fact that she made a cute play fun outfit and an ensemble that could be picked up in any department store is the sole reason she was sent home and it's a perfectly valid and acceptable reason. Amy's clown fish pants may have been ridiculous in comparison but at least they were designed.

Still, we felt it needed to be pointed out that she made real wearable clothes with a little style to them and that's no crime. There were some unusually strong entries this week. This might have been a "skate by" in another week, but everyone else decided to step up their game at a time when she was kind of crumbling.

We'll miss her. She sometimes seemed a little fragile for the competition and we hope if she's reading us she knows the nickname was meant affectionately. She seems sweet and she provided some comic relief and made some cute, if not earth-shattering clothes with a couple of trainwrecks along the way. Add the propensity for crying and you've got the perfect PR contestant. So long, Boo Boo.

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