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In or Out: Emily Blunt

Let's get Blunt.

Emily Blunt attends the 12th Annual Costume Designers Guild Awards with Presenting Sponsor Swarovski at The Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills wearing a Georges Chakra dress.

We adore Emily Blunt and consider her one of THE most stylish of the actresses of her generation. It's very rare to see her and think, "Well, she didn't get that one right." Unfortunately, kittens, she didn't get this one right. We'll start off by saying hair, makeup and jewelry are all très fab. We'll also say that we think the fabric is gorgeous.

This concludes the positive portion of our post.

Kittens. That netting. How awful. It seems an obvious joke to make, especially while Olympics fever is fading, but darlings, it really is true: Netting cutouts make any dress look like an ice dancer's costume. And it's not just the netting we dislike; it's the weird placement of it. Also, bustle. No. There's just way too much going on in her ass area and no one wants that said about them. And finally, the shoes. Inoffensive, but again, is that really what you want people to say about your shoes? OUT, though it pains us.

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