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Jean Paul Gaultier for Target

JPG waved his American flag for some American dollars.

That goofy Frenchman called this collection American Muse:

"She's fresh-faced and rebellious, feisty and provocative. She's the American woman and her diverse style is the inspiration for her design collection of Jean Paul Gaultier. It boldly captures her personality and her energy with a decidedly French twist."

Gaultier chose specific muses for this collection: punk, Hollywood glam, ingénue, hip hop, and rock 'n roll. You can see video for this collection here.

We're not gonna lie. We thought his inspiration sounded exceedingly lame and like something his marketing people came up with. God forbid Gaultier do anything too French for a store as American as Target.

The clothes are actually pretty cute and wearable - and still somewhat recognizable as Gaultier. That's quite a feat considering how bad some previous designer collections for Target turned out to be. Remember Rodarte and the dresses that looked like they'd disintegrate in sunlight? These may not be expensive-looking clothes but they're cute and fun and have some style to them. Perfect for the gal with couture dreams and an off-the-rack budget. In stores March 7th.

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