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MAN at London Fashion Week

Kittens, where would we be without crazy ass fashion shows to look at?

Darlings, let's check in on some of the offerings at the MAN show at London's Fashion Week. The MAN show, "presents an underground vision of London menswear," and the newest menswear designers. Scroll down and enjoy.

Katie Eary

To be honest, there's a lot we like here. We love the color story and we love that a lot of it is just really wearable urban clothes with a lot of flair to them. We only want to see them on people half our age and we'd recommend a serious editing to all of these looks to make them street-worthy, but there are a lot of cool pieces here.

New Power Studio

We like the drum. That's a new touch. But man, if we see one more chinchilla bread box hat...

Jaiden rVa James

Remember, prom season is right around the corner!

Considering the styling forced us to look at these pictures through our splayed fingers in horror, the clothes barely registered at all.


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