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Mark Fast Fall 2010 Collection

We featured Mark Fast's Spring'10 collection here on the blog and at the time, we declared it "beautiful and unique." Our affection for that collection has waned considerably since then and with his Fall '10 collection it's mostly gone altogether. We still think that collection and this one are unique, and we can even say that some of these looks are beautiful, but we're getting the full picture now and it's not particularly flattering to him: He just likes putting girls in really, really tight clothes. It's fetish-like in its consistency.

Although, strangely, there are a handful of loose, draped garments in this collection and they look both incongruous and frankly, ugly. We do like a lot of what he does conceptually, that whole crochet-like effect that he returns to time and again, the one that looks a little like a spider web. That's pretty cool and we can get behind its usage, but not on dresses that look like they're 4 sizes too small for the model.

Now, in both this and his previous show, he used plus-sized models (including T Lo favorite Crystal Renn) and got a lot of attention for it. Good for him. But then he puts them in the least flattering outfits one could imagine for a plus-sized model. We'll give him one thing: he's consistent, because even the sample-sized models look like their dresses shrunk in the wash. We reiterate: he really, really likes to put girls in tight dresses.


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