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Michael Kors Fall 2010 Collection

The Duchess held court.

The Duchess appears to have responded to the economic doom and gloom in a similar manner to Marc Jacobs: by making a blatant appeal to his customer base and saying "Stick with me and I'll give you every outfit you'll need for this season." The difference between his output and Jacobs' is, while Marc appealed to a client with a more toned-down style, Kors is going full-on luxe. These are clothes for the rich and he's not even trying to hide it. It's all furs! And leather! And coats, darling! And metallics! And big fat luxurious knits! And sexy! Long torsos and sunglasses, darling! Yachts and penthouses! It's a double-airkiss of a collection.

But it's who he is and what he does. High end American sportswear. We think there's something a little cheeky about boldly appealing to the wealthy and those who want to look like them at this time, but we can't deny that the clothes are beautiful. Plus he always has the hottest models in the biz.


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