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Prada Fall 2010 Collection

Swinging down the street so fancy-free.

FWD puts it in context:

"An abiding image throughout was the pulled-back bouffant hairdos that recalled the sort of style worn by astronaut’s wives in “The Right Stuff,” the celebrated film chronicling the first attempts to put men in space by NASA in the ‘60s.

The silhouette was angular with skirts cut at a 30-degree angle at the hip, while the broken checks recalled photos of happy wives on cruises in the Caribbean or Mediterranean in an era before the hippie revolution.

“I was taking cuts and ideas of the ‘50s and ‘60s and playing with them,” explained Miuccia Prada backstage.

The designer also dreamed up a whole new type of sock, a knitted knee sock with a ribbon in grosgrain or chiffon sewn down the shin, which is sure to spark a hot new trend.

“Naked legs are passé,” pronounced Prada, as she sipped a whiskey sour, with a cherry on top, after the show."

We just love the idea of Miuccia slamming back whiskey sours after the show.

And now, a T Lo Tableau:

Lorenzo (from the 3rd floor):
Take a look at the Prada collection. I love it!

Tom (on the second floor, 5 minutes later):
Honey? Can you come down here for a second? We need to discuss this Prada collection.

(coming downstairs): Isn't it gorgeous?


And thus, a 20-minute argument ensued. As indicated, Lorenzo adored this collection and Tom was left muttering "No woman in her right woman on the planet..."

But really, you should take a look first and then hear us out:

This is, indeed, an eye-catching collection of what FWD called "astronaut's wives" looks. Miuccia once again took classic shapes and ideas and turned them on their head, making them look modern and even unheard-of in the process. For Lorenzo, it's all about the new and the interesting and he particularly loves the socks or hosiery (if you can even call it that). Tom can get behind embracing the new and reinterpreting the old, but he can't get over how thick these clothes make the models look. It's more Georgy Girl than astronaut's wife. Part of that is the cut and part of it is the very busy, and not always beautiful, retro fabrics she chose, but a lot of these looks are just plain bulky. Lorenzo made a reference to Hitchcock's Marnie but Tom thinks there's too much of a busty, earthy Italian look going on here to compare it to the tailored American styles of Hitchcock. These look more like background players in some lusty gem from '60s Italian cinema starring Marcello Mastroianni and Sophia Loren.

But we both agree there are beautiful looks throughout this collection. We both love the shoes in particular, and those swingin' '60s pantsuits, and most of the coats, for that matter. Bottom line is, she always gives us something interesting to look at and consider. Not everyone will agree it's pretty, but at least people will talk about it.


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