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Ripping the Collections: Janeane - Part 1

Boo Boo Kitty made a collection!

Darlings, since there is no Project Runway tonight, we figured now would be a good time to look at recently-auf'd Janeane's decoy collection for Bryant Park. We'll be doing these for all the decoys the week after their elimination. They did the work and got the exposure, so they might as well listen to our bitchy musings.

To be honest, there wasn't a doubt in our minds that this was a decoy collection the moment it ended. In fact, we heard murmurings to that effect all over the tent. Which is a shame, because while it was very simple and understated, it certainly had the potential to be a clean, chic, salable collection of clothes. The problem is that many of these looks simply aren't Bryant Park quality in their execution. If you're going to be showing at Bryant Park, the execution has to be flawless no matter what, but it's especially true when you're planning on showing very clean, simple looks.

Let's start the show.

Right off the bat we have to say that this isn't a show opener. None of her looks were gasp-worthy - and that's fine, they don't have to be - but there were more dramatic looks than this to get the audience's attention. As for the design, we like it. It's got a chic Annie Hall sloppiness to it that's appealing. But (and we're going to sound like a broken record before this is over), the fit and the execution just aren't there. Those pants are pulling in all the wrong places and loose in all the wrong places. Both the hem on the top and the hem on the jacket have issues.

Cute. We love that color and we love the understated sparkly in the skirt. Also love the slightly unusual shape on the skirt and the interest in the neckline. Also, the top drapes nicely. This is her thing, these Jil Sander-esque simple and chic outfits. There's definitely a market for these looks.

Could have been interesting but everything about this outfit, from its simplicity to the fabric choices to the seam placements required flawless execution. It's just not here. The first things we notice are seams and pulling when we look at it.

Absolutely love this coat. The color and the interesting seaming make it very chic. Again, though...not as perfect as it needed to be. It looks like it fell off the hanger in the closet months ago and has been laying in a heap ever since.

The top needed more than just the Catwoman ears to make it interesting. And besides, those ears look sad and uneven. We really like the idea of shorts done in that fabric, but not only did they (once again) require perfect technical skills, they also - and we never say this - would've looked cuter with at least an inch taken off the length.

More to come, kittens.


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