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Ripping the Collections: Janeane - Part 2

Boo Boo, Part Two.

This is the first look we really can't get behind at all. Once again, the technical issues are distracting, but this time, there simply isn't enough style or points of interest to defend. Sure, she's got the shoulder treatment, but it's not that interesting, and she's used that element enough already.

We praised the chic Annie Hall sloppiness of a look very similar to this one earlier in the collection. This one's like the more sloppy/less chic cousin to that outfit. We're not crazy about it and you've only got ten looks, so mix it up a bit more.

Can't really get behind this one either. Take away those silly things on the shoulder and you're left with a very basic dress. There's simple and then there's "can buy that anywhere."

We love this look. The combination of the unusual silhouette with that fabric make it a real eye-catcher. She should have opened with this one.

Cute. Love the fabric of the coat. Not award-winning by any stretch, but it's a cute, wearable look.

And that's her thing: cute, wearable looks. We don't mean anything even slightly disparaging when we say, she does good catalogue clothes. She should really hook herself up with an established brand. She could do quite well for herself making the kinds of clothing she likes. She's young and she's got plenty of time to become a fashion icon. Right now, she could have a nice career designing clothes that women wear.


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