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Thurston and Jay

The boys really kicked ass this week!

He's that rare competitor who actually improves with each challenge. We didn't think much of his chances going into it, but he's proven that with a little guidance and feedback, he can turn out some damn strong looks. Of course, that's not going to appease the Jesse Anti-Fan Club, but hey, if you can get a bunch of semi-anonymous people to hate you on the internet, you must be doing something right, amirite?

Model: Alexis Broker

Because really, kittens, there's not much to argue with here, at least not on the grownup look. That is a hot, stylish dress with some nice detailing and probably the best execution we've seen from him all competition.

There are quite a few elements here and they're all above the waist: the color blocking, the red buttons with the red trim, the radiating seams on the neckline.

If he went wrong anywhere on this dress, it was when he selected that belt to accessorize. It's just too much belt and the dress had enough going on without it.

As for this, we're of two minds. We respect and appreciate the concept, but we question whether or any little girl would want to wear this dress.

He took a highly traditional, some would even say "old fashioned," little girl's dress and tried to put a post-modern spin on it.

That's fine, but we can't imagine your average 7-year-old would appreciate the thought and we can't imagine the average mommy would want to spend the whole party explaining that little Brittany's dress isn't on crooked or in the wrong size. It's supposed to be that way.

But it was certainly an ambitious look (helped mightily by that coat) and it fit with the theme he was going for. Sort of. At any rate, he made two very interesting looks; one of which was totally stylish, hot and wearable, and the other one was ambitious and probably a little too interesting for its own good.

Believe us when we say, we are fully supportive of Seth Aaron's win, but there's big part of us...

Model: Monique Darton

That thinks Jay got robbed.

Both of these looks were gorgeous and stylish. When Nina purred over them and exclaimed how they looked "very urban, very New York," what she meant was, "This is something a fashion editor and her child would wear on the first day of school."

It's really hard to do "chic" for kids, and truth be told, we laughed a bit when Jay claimed that eight is the age when little girls start wearing more sophisticated clothing. Honey, we have a gaggle of nieces and the years between six and ten were a miasma of glitter, Disney characters, eye-searing colors, and plastic shoes. "Sophisticated" was not the word that came to mind when we had to buy birthday or Christmas gifts for them. "Flammable," yes. "Sophisticated," no.

And yet, he really did make a sophisticated little girl's outfit that doesn't look like sized-down women's wear and does in fact look like something a lot of little girls would like to wear. Love those pockets.

And mommy didn't look so shabby either. Love the buttons on the straps.

In the end, it may just have been the sameness of the outfits that cause him to lose out over Seth A. That's really speculation, though. We have no idea how the judges made their decision. To our way of thinking, either of them could have won it and neither win would have caused us to cry foul. If only they allowed tied scores on this show.

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