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Versace Fall 2010 Collection

Let us all be fabulous bitches together!

FWD gushes perhaps a bit too much:

"We got a burst of signature Versace triumphant rock and roll tailoring in the latest collection from the Milan house, a ramped up biker gal marching to gutsy beat laid down by a self-confident designer.

Donatella Versace’s fall 2010 women’s ready-to-wear collection on Friday, Feb. 26, kicked off with some sizzling cocktail dresses, made with metal leather inserts and cut asymmetrically, so lots of leg showed. Hers has always been fashion for the self-assured women in mind and body, and is again this season, as holes and panels showed of shoulders, thighs and necklines."

"But Versace’s finest moments were her biker ideas - saucy coats and pants, inserted with diagonal leather strips suggesting momentum and dash as the models sped down the runway. No other runway show in Europe has models that walk as quickly as Versace, and the cat walkers raced down the metallic sapphire runway.

“I wanted a strong, dynamic woman. That’s what Versace stands for. So of course I want the girls marching quickly,” insisted a rarely ever thinner Donatella Versace in the packed backstage."

Scroll down and enjoy the fabulous bitches. Our thoughts are on the bottom (where they belong).

It's Versace, he said with a shrug. Meaning, it's all very expected, which sounds like a criticism but really, it's not. This is the Versace name and it means high-octane glam, almost retina-searing colors, lots of shiny, lots of skin, tight and to the body, with looks that occasionally veer off into overworked territory. This is such a heinous and overused phrase so forgive us ahead of time for using it, but it is what it is. If you think these clothes are a little loud and a little slutty, you'd be right. If you think there's something wrong with that, we'd have to move a couple seats further away from you. Just as you wouldn't look at a Chanel collection and complain about all the suits, you shouldn't look at a Versace collection and complain that the clothes are too attention-seeking.

Here's what we like: the colors, the metallic leather inserts, the asymmetrical split skirts, most of the coats. Here's what we didn't like: those '70s high-water bell-bottoms. Jesus God, no. That's a silhouette that doesn't ever need to return.


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