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Darlings, we have heard your cries and we're here to say...SHUT UP, ALREADY!

Said with love, kittens! Always said with love.

Rather than respond to every tweet and email, we're just going to take a mo and explain it all here. It's like this: Blogger, for whatever reasons, changed their formatting. Now, you may be saying "Hey! How come or [We don't know your lives, kittens. We're only assuming.] is loading fine today and you guys are having all these problems?" Well you see, kittens, maybe you noticed that we have a somewhat unusual template for blogger. After all, not every blog displays 18 posts on the front page in a variety of topics. Since we write about everything from V to Versace, we figured it just made good sense to put it all out there in an easy-to-navigate format. Well, Blogger had other plans, and our front page couldn't handle more than 3 posts at a time and sometimes only 1 post. We've been scrambling since 6 AM our time to figure out a fix -- and we did, but it's complicated (on our end) and it means a couple things get lost (on your end).

Long story short, in order to support the template we're using, every post needs to be put on a separate page and then links to that page have to be manually inserted on the front page so you can get to the post. THEN, links BACK to the comments section and all of the labels have to be inserted manually. The whole thing's a big pain in the balls, but what are you going to do?

What does this mean for you, you're asking greedily? Well, it means that in order to get access to each post, you have to click on the thumbnail picture to get to it. Granted, if you're reading this, you probably figured that out, but a bunch of emailers told us they were using a very roundabout complicated way to get to each post, so we figured it needed to be clarified. Additionally, you can't see the comments and the post on the same page anymore. You have to click on "Post a Comment" in order to enjoy the comic stylings of our community of Bitter Kittens. The GOOD news is, the front page is loading much faster. Yay. And finally, those of you who subscribe to our feed, should access the content at our new feed address, here.

Now, if you'll excuse us, we each have very large and very strong drinks waiting for us. Ciao, darlings.

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