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2010 Kids’ Choice Awards

Awards season isn't over yet, kittens!

Katy Perry in The Blonds Fall 2010

It's tacky as hell, but she goes for that "magician's assistant" look a lot. It's her thing and even though it's a kid's show and she's covering roughly the same amount of skin as a stripper at the beginning of her set, it works for her.

Lea Michele in Zac Posen

Adorable. We're not big fans of pastels but every time she wears one she looks born to wear it.

Miranda Cosgrove in [modified] Christian Siriano Fall 2010

Cute. Wrong shoes, though.

Nikki Reed in Cynthia Steffe Spring 2010

Oh look. A strapless dress with origami detailing that stops right at the upper thighs. Add a clutch and a pair of sandals and you too can be completely indistinguishable from every other starlet in your age bracket!

It's cute, but it's not exactly taking any risks.

Rihanna in Christian Dior Spring 2010

Well, at least she's not wearing the same dress everyone else is. We think the dress is pretty but we canNOT sign onto the anklets.

Rosario Dawson in Tommy Hilfiger

Swap the heels out for flip flops, take off all the jewelry and add a giant nylon net bag and she'll look exactly like a million other urban women on the way to the laundromat. Seriously, girl. You couldn't try a little harder than that?

Selena Gomez in
Christian Cota

It's another little tiny draped dress, but we really love that color and the back is nice.

Tyra Banks

Her bod is looking pretty bangin' and that dress does all the right things for it. Lorenzo hates that she's all primary-colored at a children's award show. He thinks it's a little cliched.

Victoria Justice in Catherine Malandrino

Another little tiny draped dress. We do love this color, though. As does Catherine Malandrino apparently, since she uses it a lot.

Zoe Saldana in Isabel Marant Spring 2010

She's been coming in for some criticism for being so dressed down. Here's what we think about that: for one, she looks pretty damn fabulous to our eyes. For another, this is clearly not a formal event. Now, she could have done what every other actress in her age group did and found a solid color strapless or one-shoulder cocktail dress + clutch, or she could do what she did here, which is what all good budding fashion icons do: wear whatever the hell you think is appropriate so long as you look fabulous doing it. At least she's not exposing too much skin or showing up overdressed and dripping in conspicuous consumption. We like the look and we think it works for the venue.

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