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PR: Auf-Wiedersehen!

Might as well do this one first since the Bitter Kittens obviously want to talk about it.

We're as guilty of this as any fan of the show, but we have to admit we're a little amused at the high dudgeon going on in the T Lounge post. If there was any consensus among our readers this season, it was expressed via the Anti-Jesse Brigade. We didn't really agree most of the time, but a large portion of our readers expressed a rather virulently negative reaction to the guy most of the season. Honestly, we don't think the word "douche" was ever used so much in the comments section of this blog until he came along.

Model: Alexis Broker

But the winds of viewer opinion shifted dramatically around 10:59 PM last night and the Anti-Jesse Brigade seemingly evaporated, leaving behind the newly formed Anti-Emilio Brigade. Such is the fate of smack-talking reality show contestants.

Well, get your pitchforks and ripe tomatoes ready, ladies. Because we agreed with the judges' decision last night.

We really don't want to get too far into an analysis of Emilio's "garment" yet because that's coming in a future post, but we'll say this: we don't agree that Emilio "threw together" his bikini. It turned out half-assed and tacky, but he clearly spent a great deal of time on it trying to make it work.

And while the result was auf-worthy, in our minds, he was slightly edged out by Jesse's look here, which was just plain ugly.

The Duchess was right that this back was interesting from a design point of view.

And the hair accessory was interesting, we'll give it that. We're not convinced it warranted the praise it received, though.

But from a purely design perspective, this garment simply wasn't very interesting. Kors was once again right when he compared it to a Hershey's Kiss.

Personally, we would have been fine either way. Both outfits we're auf-worthy and if Emilio had gone home last night we doubt we'd have had a problem with it.

But in the imaginary red score cards we keep in our head, this look scored a fraction of a point lower. To us, there's a difference between "interesting idea badly executed" and "boring idea badly executed." This one falls under the latter. Face it: this garment is boring and unflattering and just plain ugly.

We never really hated him the way a lot of the commenters did. Sure, his audition video set us on edge, but after that, we thought he was fine. We adored Ping, but we understood his frustration with her and that one interaction seemed to be what turned a portion of the viewership against him. Oh well. Such is reality television. Seeya, Thurston.

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