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PR: Auf-Wiedersehen!

Frantic frocks.

Fish don't fry in the kitchen!
Beans don't burn on the grill!

As much as we loved the pairing of this particular George and Wheezy, the pitfalls became immediately obvious.

They are two of our favorite current cast members and we think they have a really adorable relationship on the show. Stylistically, they're very different but they do have one major thing in common: an intellectual approach to design and a tendency to get too caught up in their techniques without taking a step back and assessing the overall look. Pairing them up only compounded the problem.

Model: Cerri McQuillan

At first glance, it would be hard to make the argument that this belted apron is an overworked garment.

But when you get in inappropriately close:

You can see it's nothing BUT technique.

But for all the obvious handiwork you can see when you get up close, the minute you step more than 5 feet away, it all disappears, leaving you with an unflattering schmatta suitable for a bracing day of invigorating housework.

These bitches this season are NOT using the Bluefly accessories wall thoughtfully (meaning: at all), which causes us no small amount of distress when we're trying to write our weekly accessories post for Flypaper, but we really think she should have accessorized this look with a bucket full of spray bottles and a roll of paper towels.

Model: Holly Ridings

Pixar's dress is more of an idea than an actual garment.

It's an idea we happen to like, actually. As far as translating wrought iron scrollwork into a dress, this was not a bad way to go, conceptually.
Unfortunately, much as we like the idea of the dress, we don't actually like the dress itself.

For one, those black panels on the skirt were a really bad idea, making the dress look heavy and adding another design element to a garment that had already passed the limit a couple design elements ago.

For another...

It's just such a depressing dress, y'know? Interesting technique, great concept. End result? A funeral dress.

We weren't exactly holding our breath when it came down to these two. Jonathan provides close to a third of the sound bites on the show (Anthony, the other third, with the final third divided up among the other 14), so there was no way the producers wanted to see him go, and Amy had sent one too many WTFs down that runway.

While the description of her designs sounded like mad libs ("clown fish pants" "hair bowl"), and our personal reaction to her work has been either a resounding "Hunh?" or a resounding "Enh," we think she's really interesting. She has very strong ideas about clothing design and we hope she gets the opportunity to express herself in whatever way she desires, but we personally didn't respond well to the majority of her work.

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