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Balenciaga Fall 2010 Collection

Fashion bitches, we are so very far behind on our reportage!

Fashion Wire Daily said of this collection, "This was Ghesquiere several points off his 'A' game." But who cares what those dirty bitches think? Actually, we kind of get their point here but we're still inclined to defend these looks a little. If you are a dutiful minion and you pay attention to every single thing we write, you may remember that we have addressed the shoes in this collection already. Now, we stand by that vote of Nay on our parts even if the "Lego shoes" crack was a bit much. But taking the shoes in consideration with the collection we find a series of looks that maybe aren't always practical or aesthetically ... we don't know...appropriate, maybe? But they nevertheless feel modern and in a way, exactly what we want to see right now. We're just in that mood right now when it comes to the world of fashion, which has been getting distressingly repetitive lately. Show us what's next.

Put less histrionically: *shrug* We just like looking at a lot of these clothes. Don't you?


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