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PR: The Bang Sisters

Sisters are doing it for themselves!

Model: Lorena Angjeli

Gotta admit, it's a pretty amazing look.

That key necklace was a brilliant idea. Bet you're gonna see a lot of them on Etsy now. We don't think it really needed those little triangles of screening, though.

It's commendable when a designer sends out one good idea per look, but with this amazing jacket, Maya managed two.

When the one burning question is "How did she DO that?" then you know you've really achieved something.

Seriously. How did she do that? How did the whole thing not look like a tangled mess?

Plus she was really smart making such a simple dress. Had she tried something cute it would have been way too much for one look. Kudos for knowing when to stop.

Kind of a shame, really. Jay certainly deserved the win, but she put out one of the most interesting looks we've seen on the show and it was innovative to boot.

Model: Brandise Danesewich

Yes, we're all sick of the black and white color-blocking, it's true. There's a fine line separating "my signature look" and "I only have one look."

But we have to admit, this is a pretty killer entry.

Ignoring the fact that it's more B&W color-blocking, it's an innovative use of the materials and it doesn't really look like the '60s mod stuff she normally does.

In fact, the punk-lite styling really threw us but it was a great choice for this dress, which has an armored feel to it.

See, we applaud when a designer takes an unconventional material and uses it in such a way that you forget it's an unconventional material (like Jay did), but we're equally as impressed when a designer embraces the material, doesn't try to hide what it is, and still makes a uniquely beautiful outfit.

It must have been awfully loud coming down that runway, though.

And the cuff was a cute idea.

The only part we're not crazy about is that choker leading down into the bust, which looks uncomfortable and buckled whenever she moved. Still, it was a really strong look coming from her.

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