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PR: Bottom Boys Just Don't Get It.

Alright, let's get to it, since you all can't stop talking about it.


Model: Kristina Sajko

When Anthony said something to the effect of fashion needing to be pretty and feminine, we couldn't help thinking the poor dear just didn't get it, bless her heart. And when this dress came out on the runway, our fears were unfortunately confirmed. This was an innovation challenge and there really wasn't much innovation here.

There were a million possible ways of using that screening and poor Miss Sophia chose the least interesting of all. He treated it like a netting overlay, which means he basically used it as-is.

Granted, those leaves were an interesting detail. He should have gone further in that direction. Imagine if the dress was made entirely out of cut screen leaves. That would be pretty cool, right?

And then there's the awful fit on this thing.

And of course, the absolutely HORRIFIC view from the back.

Seriously, WHAT is going on there? We realize masking tape is not easy to work with (at least when it comes to making a dress out of it) but there is no excuse for those straps.

That little metal bow is sad.

But we kinda liked the belt. That and the leaves were what saved him from an auf'ing.

Actually, that's not true. The fact that there were two much worse looks is what saved him, but the bottom line is, "innovation" just isn't a word in Miss Sophia's vocabulary. It's all pretty, all the time with her and this kind of challenge just wasn't her thing.

This kind of challenge wasn't Emilio's thing either and he wanted everyone to know it with his constant bitching.

Here's what: we agreed with the judges' decision regarding who to send home, but we suspect their scorecards reflected the ones in our heads and Emilio skated by on a fraction of a point. What makes his attempt ever so slightly better than Jesse's was that he was trying to go for something interesting and if it had worked, really could have been a hell of a look. We suspect that's the reason Nina defended it and we also suspect somewhere in the back of her mind she was thinking of the Prada Spring 2010 collection.

Model: Holly Ridings

That's as far as we're willing to go to defend the look. He tried something interesting. Unfortunately, he failed spectacularly.

Really spectacularly.

We are sympathy-wincing for poor Holly's nipples 'n bits. That could NOT have been comfortable.

Oh, two more things that we'll defend. One: all those who say he didn't make an accessory need to check Holly's right wrist. We're not saying it was a good effort, but it was an effort.

And another: honestly, we can't say it bothered us all that much that he tried to claim a bikini was part of his plan all along. Sure, it's a lie, but so what? It's not the same as trying to blame a shitty design on a spitting iron or something. He still owned what he made. He just pretended like he always intended to make it that way.

And hey, at least the straight guys and lesbians in the audience finally had a bone thrown in their direction, right? Even we have to admit that is one fine ass. Imagine how it looks in a bathing suit that doesn't weigh 30 pounds.

It's a shitty look. Absolutely. And he was a hair's breadth away from a well-deserved aufing. But he did attempt something artful and interesting and unlike Jesse, he understood that what he made was simply not up to par.

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In other T Lo news, we'll be tweeting the hell out of the red carpet tonight during the Oscars, so be sure to follow along with all the bitchery.

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