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Chanel Fall 2010 Collection

"Grr! I'm a bear!"

Fashion Wire Daily sets the scene:

"One season after staging a Chanel runway show in a reconstructed Normandy farm, the house’s designer Karl Lagerfeld presented his latest collection Tuesday, March 9, in Paris in the midst of a custom-built iceberg, literally imported from Scandinavia.

The resulting set, where the models walked on icy blue water through ice arches inside Paris’ Grand Palais was an exceptional piece of staging. When first revealed - by winching a giant white thermal case 80 feet up towards the building's massive glass roof – the set caused the audience of 2,000 to gasp in admiration.

Chanel hired 30 workers to truck down some 300 tons of ice from Sweden, in the latest example of this house’s free-spending professionalism.

“Global warming is the issue of our times. Fashion has to address it,” said Lagerfeld, his jean bottoms soaked from walking on an icy blue “sea” around the iceberg, meant to symbolize the ice caps melting."

God bless the absurd world of fashion. Fashion must "address" global warming, so let's snap the tip off an iceberg and plop it down on a runway. Fabulous. Important issues literally become window dressing.

The collection is... weird. A lot of very heavy fur looks, but not to worry, Uncle Karl only used the fake stuff : “The whole thing was fake, every bit of fur. But that seems right for the times.” What also seems right for the times, or at least right for this season, is a sort of folk-influenced reference toward the clothing of indigenous people. The fake fur stuff is so ridiculous - fake fur pants and legwarmers? -- that we can't even begin to imagine it's meant to be taken seriously. In fact, once you get past the more ridiculous uses of skinned muppets there are some very pretty pieces here. Too bad they're so hard to pick out amidst all the ridiculous staging and distracting styling.


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