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Christian Siriano: Having a Moment

Princess is having a moment.

The Dish:

"Bravo's Fan Favorite and Season 4 winner of Project Runway, has outlasted the typical 15 minutes of fame and Siriano’s fashions are now sold at some of the hottest department stores and boutiques in the world. In this special, we'll get to see a glimpse into the life of the mini-mogul – who immediately resonated with fans and fashionistas alike on Project Runway – as he prepares for fashion week, overseeing every aspect of his line from start-to-finish, model fittings, Emmy-dress appointments and balancing work and life with family, friends and work associates. It will all culminate in the highly pressure-filled buyer meetings where Siriano will learn whether all of his hard work will pay off.

Working alongside Siriano is a talented staff of characters including his assistant fashion designer and hometown friend Sam, first assistant Micole, Swedish assistant Ewa, hard-working assistant Melanie and interns galore. They all chip in as he calls the shots on who goes where, what gets made and who wears what. Life can get hectic with meetings, fittings and interactions with celebrities like Mena Suvari, Katrina Bowden and Tori Spelling. Luckily, with a lot of caffeine and the support of his boyfriend Brad, Siriano handles it all as he gears up for his third runway show."

Hunh. We'd heard he was getting his own series on Bravo. Looks like they scaled it back to a one hour special. That's kind of disappointing. Of all the Project Runway alums, he'd be the best candidate for an ongoing show. He was practically born camera-ready, with a collection of one-liners and catchphrases constantly on the tip of his tongue. Still, even if it is "just" a special, it looks like it'll be an entertaining one:

Christian Siriano: Having a Moment airs on April 5 at 10 PM.

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