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PR: Congratulations!

In which the normally mouthy T Lo are reduced to repeating the same phrase over and over.

Y'know, Anthony gets a lot of attention for being tailor-made for reality television, but we think Jay's adorable and so easy to root for.

Model: Brittany Oldehoff

Especially when he produces work like this. Seriously, bitches. TRASH BAGS. As Heidi said, we've seen more than our share of shitty trash bag couture on this show. So much so, that we groaned when he said he was going in that direction.

Now, we're not going to say this is a perfect look. For one, it's a little busy. The stripes in the top are fighting with the stripes in the pants.

Also, we're not entirely sold on those loopy things that are half peplum and half bubble skirt. And yeah, the fit on the pants isn't so hot.



Seriously. That's the rebuttal to any style issues with the look: TRASH BAGS.

We kind of wonder if the belt didn't push him over the top in the scoring. Because - did you know? - TRASH BAGS.

When it comes to unconventional materials challenges, the judges can be even more inconsistent than they normally are. Sometimes they praise the look that makes the materials look like fabric and sometimes they criticize it. Sometimes they do it in the same challenge, as they criticized Anthony for doing the same thing for which they praised Jay.

But we really can't get on their case for that because this was such a stylish look and such an innovative use of the materials that we can't argue with the win at all. There were some pretty great looks on that runway last night, but one clear winner.

Besides, he looks so cute when he turns into a big girl.

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