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PR: Congratulations!

Darlings, don't look to us to explain this one. We're cranky!

We're still a little confused after last nights return to Season 6-style "I would totally wear that!" judging. Let's break it down:

Our story starts here, on the mean streets of Harlem.

Our heroes? Two street-hardened fashion designers, cleaning up the streets, one dress at a time.

One is hyperactive and dresses like a teenager in 1990! The other is self-important and likes to think himself a master tactician! Together, they make the same fucking things over and over again!

Model: Valeria Leonova

Because seriously, Seth Aaron? Seriously? For a split second we thought they edited in footage from the wrong runway show because uuuhh....

This look has a, shall we say, haunting familiarity to it.

Skinny, high-waisted jeans? Check. Cropped, tailored jacket with a popped collar, puffy sleeves, and a lot of gew-gaws? Check.

Jiffy Pop hat from the '80s? Okay, if you insist.

The print top and the yellow clutch were great styling choices, but they were almost ruined by that horrid plaid laundry bag on her head. Additionally, there is just way too much crap going on in that jacket. Everything doesn't need a button or stitching to highlight it, Seth A! Sometimes, decorative pockets that serve no function aren't necessary Seth, A! TAILS, SETH A?!?

Credit where it's due, it is a really smartly tailored, stylish look. But it's clearly Seth Aaron's trick bag on display. We've been early supporters of Seth A, back in the days where everyone assumed he was going to be Sebelia 2.0, but even we were shocked that the judges praised this look so much considering how much of it they've seen before.

Model: Brandise Danesewich

But not nearly as shocked when they opened their mouths and fell all over this one. In fact, opened mouths would be a pretty good description of how we looked last night when it became obvious he was going to win it.

Let's start with the good, because it's not gonna take long to run through it. The bust and the bodice are fitted very nicely. The yellow lining in the skirt is a nice touch.

We even like the zipper detail and the way it works as trim around the bustline. We think it's become a bit of a joke how eagerly the judges on the show respond to the old zipper trick, as if they'd never seen such a thing each time it gets utilized. Future contestants, perfect your zipper trim techniques because apparently Nina never gets tired of seeing it.

Silhouette-wise, it couldn't possibly have been any more basic.

And frankly, we were shocked that the judges praised the execution so much because that skirt looked like a heavy, ill-fitted, pucker-y thing make out of old sleeping bags and Member's Only jackets.

Additionally, while we could see the Harlem inspiration in Seth A's look, Emilio's was nothing but an embarrassingly basic dress with a few minor details added to spice it up. Overpraised to the point of being ridiculous.

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