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Dsquared2 Fall 2010 Collection

Everyone's favorite robotic twins put on a show. had this to say:

"With all-American sportswear making news on the runways, this could've been a big moment for Dan and Dean Caten of Dsquared², who built their label by putting a sexy, contemporary spin on preppy classics. Disappointingly, they went all-out vamp instead."

They go on to give the collection bad marks. That's fine, we're not a hundred percent crazy about it either, but that passage represents a part of the fashion press we find particularly irritating. Either the collection was beautiful or it wasn't; stylish or not. Framing the review around what everyone else in the fashion world might be doing at the moment seems pointless to us. It's not taking the collection on its own terms. Rather, it's reviewing it based on what the trends are.

Anyway, scroll down and take a look. We'll give our thoughts on the bottom.

While it's true that this collection seems incongruous with what else is going on this season, we can't really say that bothers us that much. What bothers us is the excessive creepiness underlying the whole thing; the fascination with spinal cords and vascular systems. Take away those elements and it's a fairly standard collection in a lot of ways, with looks ranging from conventionally pretty to slightly off the beaten path. We LOVE the dress with the red feathers, as well as most of those suits. In fact, we pretty much love every look that's not leather. Some of the leather outfits we like, but most of them look a little tacky to us.


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