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Glamour Girls

Let's start the day with some uncomplicated pretty, shall we?

Sometimes after endless artful, well-lit editorials where you can see neither the clothes nor the face of the model, you just want to look at pretty girls done up all pretty. Glamour Magazine's April 2010 Issue, along with an article entitled "12 Little Things Every Guy Wants in Bed," (if the first two items on the list aren't "A blowjob," and "A hamburger," then you can pretty much disregard it) has a feature on "The 50 Most Glamorous Women of 2010." Aren't we only two months into 2010? What if some woman not on the list suddenly becomes very glamorous? Is she shit out of luck until 2011?

We'll feature the three cover girls for this one. Through the magic of the internets, you can be whisked away to each girl's interview if you click on her name.

Jasper Conran Spring 2010 Collection

T-shirt, Alternative Apparel; jeans, J Brand; ring, Swarovski

"Maybe people [in Hollywood] wear really nice clothes, and they drive really nice cars—but that doesn’t make me comfortable. And if I’m not comfortable, it won’t be a part of my life. There’s something empty about having your own VIP booth, and people staring at you, drinking and dancing—to get to what? To get drunk and sleep with somebody? I did that once. I went to a party and—this was a long time ago—I was so drunk that I ended up taking this person home and not remembering anything."

We adore this girl, but we'd bet a whole box of donuts that in ten years she'll be shrieking for her VIP booth. Love both pictures but we hate that whole "Am I lifting up my skirt? Maybe!"pose they so often make starlets do for covers. We can understand a sexy/slutty pose like that for a laddie mag like Maxim or Details, but is Glamour's demographic really all that invested in seeing starlet panties? Aside from that, the pics look good. Great hair and makeup. Love the dress; love the ring.

Dsquared2 Spring 2010 Collection

Jacket, pants, Yves Saint Laurent; ring, CC Skye

"Because ethnic is a word that doesn’t exist in my vocabulary. In Hollywood, you hear things like, 'Oh, they loved you but they want to go more traditional.' That’s the new N word. So when [someone says] I look 'dark,' I say, 'Dark compared to whom? This is just my skin.'"

Zoe is saying in her covershot, "Haha! No I am NOT lifting my skirt for you!" Actually, we don't love her cover shot. Not the most flattering picture of her we've ever seen. Now that tuxedo pic? Fabulous and sexy.

Blugirl Spring 2010 Collection

Dress, Toni Maticevski; necklace, Caterina Zangrando Jewellery; ribbon bracelet, Glynneth B; silver bracelets, from top: Good Art Hlywd, David Yurman; orange bracelet, Dads; socks, Dior; shoes, Christian Louboutin

"I’m inspired by fashion, sex and my friends. I love strong, awesome, hot women—Debbie Harry, Gwen Stefani, Cyndi Lauper, Madonna.'"

Leighton is very business-like on her cover. "Yes, of course I will lift my skirt, but only slightly higher than Amanda's. How's this?" For someone who used to model, that's not a very model-riffic cover. On the other hand, her "Like a Virgin" homage is probably the best picture out of all of them, which is surprising because she's normally a total charisma void.


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