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In or Out: Sharon Stone

There are no reruns on the red carpet, Missy!

Sharon Stone attends the 32nd Annual New York City Police Foundation Gala at The Waldorf-Astoria on March 16, 2010 in New York City in a Roberto Cavalli gown.

BUT. She wore the same gown 10 months ago! Scandal!
At the Red carpet launch party for the new Mardan Palace hotel on the Turkish Riviera, May 2009

The dress? Cute! We liked her hair better last May and that rosary...come on now. But she's an IN.

Okay, with that out of the way...

We were all excited to slap up a couple of Sharon Stone pictures because we figured there could be no better celebrity out there to help us make a point about what we do here at T Lo.

Back in February at a little event in New York, we met up with a couple of famous lady bloggers and ignored everyone else around us to dish and to talk blogging. One of the things all 4 of us, lady blogger and gay blogger alike, were in agreement on is the bizarre (to us) predilection for readers to sometimes get offended on behalf of the celebrities featured on our page.

There's a reason why we only do red carpet commentary and skip the candid shots of celebrities walking down the street: because almost all of the celebrities we've ever featured on the blog are regularly given the opportunity to simply walk into a designer's studio, throw open the closet doors and say "I'll take this, and this, and oh, how about those shoes? And that necklace is pretty. And what kind of bags do you have for me?" and saunter out with enough swag for her movie premiere that night that if you added it all up, the cost would likely be far more than any average woman pays to make herself look pretty on her wedding day.

When you see a celebrity on the red carpet in a designer dress and tons of diamonds, she either had that stuff handed to her to wear or she actually got paid to wear it. Sharon Stone is a perfect example of this. Her career now is not as a movie star but as a red carpet model. She essentially gets paid by designers to show up at events wearing their stuff.

Further, we've been doing red carpet commentary just long enough to know how much that entire world is managed to within an inch of its life. Not a day goes by without several publicist emails landing in our inbox that consist of nothing more than "CHECK OUT CELEBRITY X WEARING DESIGNER Y AT EVENT Z" with a bunch of pictures attached. Celebrities and publicists don't care if people trash their clothes. The only thing that matters is that they got their picture taken and they got people to talk about them. That is the entire point of the red carpet: publicity for everyone involved.

It's because of all that, that we wind up completely puzzled over the occasional "WHY ARE YOU BEING SO MEAN TO OUR BLESSED CELEBRITIES?!" reaction. We're not being mean to celebrities. We're taking into account the insane amounts of money and jockeying that got them to that point, the access to the very best clothing, jewelry, and accessories in the world, not to mention the pampering by some of the world's most talented and expensive hair and makeup artists, and we are judging the results accordingly BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT EVERYONE INVOLVED WANTS US TO DO. And not just us, but you too. All of that is done so that you and I can sit at our desks, scroll through the pictures and make bitchy comments. So jump on in! The water's FINE. Don't worry about the celebrities. They can cry themselves to sleep on bags of money because someone was mean to them on the internet.

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