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John Galliano Fall 2010 Collection

Darling, love your hat but your purse is on fire.

According to

"If you felt like you'd seen it all before at John Galliano, it's because you did. At least in some ways: A year ago, he sent out a parade of Russian/Balkan folkloric princesses; this season, as his program explained, "a tribe of adventuring nomads" trekked "through a mountainous terrain, crossing imaginary borders in search of a new land."

Okay, you know what? We are ready to declare the whole "sherpa chic" thing done and done at this point. Are you with us, people? Let's get through a season without hearing the words "indigenous" or "folklore" once.

On the other hand, at least it's not so literal a collection as other efforts. He definitely brought the Galliano flair.

"Or is that 'flare?" he said, resorting to lame puns because it's a Monday:

"However, now, even more than a year ago, there is a rather glaring disconnect between this spectacle of a show and the bigger fashion picture, with its new focus on simplicity. The fireworks (yes, fireworks) that accompanied Galliano's bow only threw that disparity into higher relief."

God, how awful would the world be if we all collectively agreed upon simplicity? Bring on the fireworks, we say. "Bigger fashion picture." What nonsense. Fashion, like any other form of expression, requires people willing to flip the bird to convention. That paragraph sounded like a scolding for not falling in line. Honey, you can never finger wag anyone into not being fabulous.

But to be honest, we didn't love the collection as much as we wanted to. There are plenty of perfectly gorgeous and jawdropping pieces here, but there are more than a few that test the limits of our definition of "aesthetically pleasing." Besides (and we hate having to say this), for Galliano, it doesn't feel very new. We've seen most of this before.


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