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Just Cavalli Fall 2010 Collection

You're gonna need your sunglasses for this one.
referred to this collection as "glam grunge," which just sounds like a sound bite to us. Sure, if you stretch the definition of what constitutes grunge as a fashion statement, some of this falls under that, but the very phrase "glam grunge" is contradictory.

Now, let's play a game of "How Well Do You Know T Lo?" One of us thinks this collection is fabulous and gorgeous and one of us thinks the other one is nuts and gets too distracted by shiny things. Which one is which?

Once again, Lorenzo thinks it's fabulous and Tom thinks Lorenzo is nuts. Did you guess correctly?

We had to talk this one out for a bit and come to some sort of consensus in order to write a post that wasn't full of arguing. Lorenzo loves the layering and all the prints and the sort of luxurious over-the-top aspect of it all. Tom is sick to death of overworked clothing and longs for a return to clean lines. We both agree that when you really peer at each look and break it down to its components, there are an awful lot of really nice pieces here. We both love the patchwork sweaters and most of the jackets and coats, for instance. But we're also in agreement that everyone is way too overstyled with way too many mismatched pieces thrown on them. Sometimes that works, like with Galliano or Marc Jacobs, but sometimes, as in this instance, it just winds up being a cacophony of clothing.


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