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PR: Auf Wiedersehen!


We all knew he was out from the get-go. It wasn't just the teary phone call home, which is such an obvious loser edit trick that we're a little surprised that they used it at all. No, it was the fact that suddenly, we were hearing from Ben. He's received barely any camera time up till now, so the sudden interest was a dead giveaway.

Question: Have we been using our phones incorrectly all this time, or is the "holding it out 10 inches from my face" technique just a reality show conceit? Does anybody else talk on their phone like this? Seriously, we're curious.

And we realize these people are stressed and sleep-deprived, but how is it we see them making the same mistakes over and over, season after season? "I've only got twelve hours to do this, so let's try something really difficult that I have no experience with!"

Model: Alison Gingerich

The results were exactly as expected. Disastrous.

We felt for him, because he seemed to have realized pretty early on that he not only bit off more than he could chew, but the concept was seriously misguided.

Going from "water" to "shark" might have been interesting, but we kind of doubt it. Like a lot of the designs last night, it was too far away from what they were being asked to do. And come on, "water" is about the easiest of the 4 elements to interpret in a dress. We realize they're at the point in the competition where they don't want to be safe, but that shouldn't mean chucking common sense out the window.

Ignoring the poor concept, this just isn't a well made or well designed look at all. The jockstrap pants -- how do you make something like that and not realize what it looks like?

Come ON, Ben!

Have you ever seen a look like that on any garment outside of a --OHMIGOD! OUTSIDE OF A COMIC BOOK! That's it! Poor Ben was finally tripped up by his nerd aesthetic and forgot what so many nerds do: In the real world, people don't wear their underpants as overpants. We guess we should be grateful he didn't make a cape for her.

Although a cape might have been an improvement over that "BIZAAHH" jacket.

And the shark's teeth were the cherry on this crap sundae, unfortunately.

Aw, we hate to rip him so hard, but a bad idea's a bad idea and we would damage our reputation as bitchy reality show commenters if we showed favoritism just because he's a cute gay nerd.

It's a damn shame, because he did some solid work while in the competition and made it far. Too bad that the only time the judges seemed to notice him was when they were kicking him out. We're looking forward to showcasing his decoy collection this week because it was a strong and unique collection that we responded very well to.

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