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PR: Congratulations!


How fucking cute is that? Go, Pixar!

"Monsieur Mouret, thank you, I adore your work."

SO. CUTE. And such good manners! His cartoon mouse parents raised him well.

And surprisingly, how fucking cute was he? "Then again, I'm French." He was really into it, which is nice to see, because some of these guest judges act like they're bored. We caught the Duchess giving him the side eye a couple of times, though. Kors always fawns over the women designers like DVF, but turns into Alexis Carrington when it's a male designer sitting in the 4th chair. DELICIOUS.

Model: Cerri McQuillan

We heard some grumbling in the T LOunge last night as he explained his concept and yet, he was pretty much the ONLY designer out of that group of weirdos who actually had a concept that made sense. Seriously, what the hell was up with some of those ideas? The burnt ruins of a church? There's a dress that's gonna fly off the racks. A hair bowl? A HAIR BOWL?!?!?!

But enough of that. This is about Pixar, who finally managed to impress the judges. And we're in agreement on the win. That is a pretty amazing looking effect he created by cutting away layers of fabric.

So much so, that he basically banked his whole look on that one effect. Sure, the collar treatment was interesting, but let's face it, otherwise this is a very simple silhouette.

Which isn't to say it's boring in any way. The draping on the bodice was very pretty.

And yes, that collar is gorgeous and interesting and sold you on the concept immediately.

But it was the textile effect that secured him the win and with good reason. It really is strange and unique.

We thought interpreting the concept of air through laughter was a beautiful idea and we thought the result was the only entry last night where you could see the concept immediately in the dress. That he managed to interpret "air" in such a non-cliche way -- because let's face it, a lot of designers would have done some airy, flowy thing in shades of pale blue -- is a testament to the fact that he's a designer with a strong and unique point of view. We were so happy for him last night.

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