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That "ugh" isn't reserved for Emilio who it seems has found himself deserving of the wrath of the viewership this season. We're not seeing it. Is he full of himself and talks smack about the other designers' work? Sure. Is that exactly anything new in the world of Project Runway?

Which isn't to say he's not occasionally irritating or that we think he's some sort of moral paragon. He is what he is: a fashion designer (a profession not known for producing wallflowers) competing on a reality television show (a venue that practically begs for ego and smack-talking).

Nor is that "ugh" reserved for his print attempt, which to our eyes, looked embarrassingly derivative (Hello, Stephen Sprouse!) not to mention inartful and basic.

Model: Lorena Angjeli

And believe it or not, our "ugh" isn't even reserved for this design, which has its points, both good and bad.

No, kittens. Our "ugh" is reserved solely for the judges who fell victim to their own excesses last night and wound up overpraising this basic, somewhat crude look because they'd already built Emilio up over the past couple of weeks with equally as effusive praise for equally as pedestrian clothes. In short, "ugh" to the judges for getting caught up in the hype they sometimes spew.

There's one word (besides "ripoff") that comes to mind upon considering this print: juvenile.

The lettering is crude and unclear, looking more like something scribbled on a middle-schooler's notebook ("ES hearts SA") and the pale blue just reads junior to us.

Further, they auf'd Anthony for making another basic dress with decorations. And this isn't?

Okay, sure. Those suspender-type things on the back have some interest. And maybe the seaming and pleating is a little interesting...

Oh, who the fuck are we kidding? It's as basic as it gets. The only point of interest was that jacket. Everything else was utterly mediocre.

We don't hate the guy the way some of y'all do. Like we said, smack talking egotists aren't exactly a rarity on this show. What we hate is the tendency of the judges to lock into one idea about a designer early on and allowing nothing to budge that idea from their brains, all evidence to the contrary. They raked poor Pixar over the coals last night because they had decided early on that he wasn't going to be a pet, so they didn't need to make excuses for him. They decided on Day One that Emilio (and to a certain extent Mila) were going to be the ones to beat and no matter what crap those two send down the runway, they'll either make excuses for it, or do what they did with this episode, which was to overpraise something that clearly didn't warrant it, just so their preconceptions can be confirmed.

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