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PR: Crazy Chicks Race to the Bottom

Mmmm! Who doesn't love a piping hot bowl of HAIR on a cold winter's day?

We have to laugh. There is a traceable arc when it comes to the judging patterns on this show. Mila has gotten to the point in the competition where the judges say 'We're tired of you doing the same thing." What makes it so funny?

Model: Brandise Danesewich

They robotically spewed out the criticism right on time except she really did step outside her comfort zone this time. Was Kors not paying attention when he said that?

Because we look at this and see very little of the mod, black and white color blocking that WE all got sick of a while ago. In fact, we applaud her willingness to step outside of her zone. Okay yes, technically there is color blocking here but the whole style is wildly different from the rest of her attempts in the competition.

And we thought the fabric she used for that vest was a wonderful interpretation of "earth." We looked at it and immediately thought "minerals." That could have been a good starting point for a unique take on the concept.

Unfortunately, she wound up with something that looked like a costume for a background player on Star Trek. Criticize it for that, but don't pick now to start bitching about her doing the same things over and over.

We fear this is going to have the opposite effect than Kors intended. She did something unexpected and wound up in the bottom two. How much you want to bet next week's entry is a color-blocked mod-stravaganza?

Every time Amy appears on screen we say out loud, "She is really beautiful." And she is, plus she's got great poise, personal style and an appealingly laid back personality. Given all that, you'd never expect a girl like her to be the type of designer who routinely comes up with the most insane ideas in the room. We thought she'd never top the clown fish pants, but ladies and gentleman...

Model: Holly Ridings

We give you the destined-to-go-down-in-the-annals-of-PR-history "Tit Hair Bowl."

Some people seem to have assumed that, because we criticized Ben's auf'd attempt, we somehow are required to explain why this BEYOND weird garment did not receive an auf'ing.

Honeys, don't look at us. We just write bitchy things about this show. God knows what those judges were thinking. Maybe they had their reasons. After all, Ben's WAS pretty bad. Maybe they decided clown fish pants and tit hair bowls represent the highly valued "point of view."

Us? We see a bad idea badly executed - and it's not the first time we've seen such a thing from her.

Come ON.

What did this have to do with fire anyway? Granted, we want to set it on fire so we don't have to look at it. Is that the connection? Clothes so ugly you want to set them on fire?

Like we said, she's a nice likable girl, and she's done a few things in the competition we liked, but Ben was a nice likable guy who also did things we liked and also had the highly valued "point of view." What were the reasons for choosing one over the other? Who the hell knows? All we know is, the more we think about it, the more we would have chosen otherwise.

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