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PR: Earth, Wind & Fire

But not in that order.

Model: Kristina Sajko

Anthony came up with a marketing idea that simply writes itself: dresses based on tragedies.

He started small with this dress, representing his Pastor's home burning to the ground, but he's really hoping to get some investors and expand the idea with dresses inspired by the Titanic and the Hindenburg, among others.

Feh. Even if the inspiration was odd and an attempt to think outside the box, the dress was a basic retread of his winning Marie Claire cover dress with a longer skirt attached.

Except he slit it up to hootchie levels. Not a good entry.

Model: Monique Darton

Emilio's entry for earth, however, was pretty good.

The mossy looking fabric was maybe a bit of a cliche and might be why the judges waved it on through without comment.

And it was really badly styled with that drag queen's Adam's apple cover and those unflattering boots.

But the dress itself was kind of cute.

Model: Brittany Oldehoff

Jay had immunity this week and took the far more entertaining route of "Fuck it, let's do some crazy shit," rather than play it safe.

Sure, maybe this was a little too Dr. Seuss, and in some ways, a little too literal when it comes to interpreting air.

But it's pretty well made...

And come on, it's just fun. We think it should have gotten a nod from the judges.

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