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PR: Maya

Poor little Maya "Bangs" Luz. Girl can't catch a break.

Y'know for all the wild speculation as to her final fate, we're all missing something. Picture a designer this late in the game who has never won a challenge, and is surrounded by competitors, all of whom have won at least once. That designer would almost certainly freak the hell out when faced with a challenge this far outside their comfort zone.

Not Maya. For someone who never works with prints, she did an impressive job of designing one. In fact, we think this is the best print design of the competition.

Unfortunately, once she did the bangup job on the print, she floundered her way through the rest of the design because she couldn't get a handle on letting the print shoulder some of the burden of the look. She was too hung up on her "3D" concepts.

Model: Monique Darton

Which isn't to say she produced a bad design in the end. Considering how outside her zone this is, it's a pretty impressive effort.

She attempted to marry her architectural tendencies to a print dress and came up with one of her patented big-ass collars, and that might have worked on its own. Unfortunately, she kept going.

It's this textured panel in the front that really ruins it for us. We just don't get it. It looks like something worn over the dress rather than part of the dress itself.

We really like the silhouette, but it's her need to have something structural and textural in every garment that tripped her up here. She stumbled on to a really sharp print. All she had to do was make a relatively simple dress out of it and the judges might have given her the win.

Look at how less distracting the back is compared to the front. She still has that textured panel, but it looks like part of the dress here. It also helps that you're not distracted by a huge ruffle-y collar when you look at the dress from this angle. Had her front looked more like her back, we would have loved this dress a lot more.

Which makes it sound like we hated the dress, which isn't true at all. We liked it a lot. We just felt she (like pretty much everyone left in the competition at this point) really could have used some editing on this look. On the other hand, considering how far away from her own point of view this challenge is, she did remarkably well.

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