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PR: Ripping the Collections: Amy - Part 2

Just pleat it! (Pleat it) Pleat it! (Pleat it) No one wants to be defeated!

There's your earworm for the day, kittens. You're welcome.


We really like this look. There's something about the somewhat formal top paired with the tights and the Keds that makes it appealing to us. Like she took an old gown and re-purposed it for everyday wear.

We kinda sorta like it. We like the way it hangs in the back and we like whatever that effect is that makes the fabric look ribbed, but we can't help thinking we'd like the whole look more if it was 6 inches shorter and she wasn't wearing tennis shoes.

We're torn on this one. Lorenzo really likes the look but Tom is having problems with it. Specifically, the whole "big sweater + tights" thing was a holdover from the '80s that lasted well into the millenium on people who had no interest in how they looked. What was once a chic look became the go-to look for those who wanted to remain one step above sweat pants. Still, it IS a pretty bitchin' sweater, we have to say.

Very pretty. In fact, it was much more impressive in person. The crowd seemed to respond very well to this look. It could easily be overwhelming (and obviously, any woman who wears this won't even think about sitting down), but the neutral color allows her to get away with all the pleating.

Man, what a great look. Man, what a bad idea pairing it with those shoes. It ruins the whole effect, especially paired with tights. If we ignore the shoes (which we can't), we can appreciate this look and how it offers a slightly different take on what constitutes elegant and beautiful.

To our surprise, we found ourselves in the writing of these posts liking the second half more than the first. We think that's because in the second half, she was able to marry more traditional elements with her trademark whacky ideas. It's not that we're anti-whacky ideas (or pro-tradition). We hope she gets the chance to show a collection entirely made up of whacky ideas some day. We just feel that a lot of those whacky ideas of hers aren't fully developed, which is why this small collection comes off so wildly uneven.


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