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PR: Ripping the Collections: Ben - Part 1

Get out your Spock ears, kittens.

When Jay visited last week for his interview, we got to talking about the finale collections and he loved Ben's as much as we did. We thought about that later and we think, in a way, there are some similarities between Jay's finale collection and this one. The first is color, obviously. Both collections use color extensively and in unusual ways. The other is that, like Jay's crafts and Pennsylvania Dutch-inspired collection, Ben's science fiction inspiration was clear, concise and came from a place of deep appreciation. We've always said Jay's collection was the best the show ever had and truth be told, we don't think Ben's comes close to it in terms of innovation and perfect cohesion. It's still a powerful statement, beautifully realized, and an expression of something from deep down inside.

Or maybe we just really like nerd cothes. He said, through endearing tears, that this collection was inspired by Ray Bradbury's novel, The Martian Chronicles. We'll have to trust the Bradbury scholars in the comments section to let us know how he did on that front. Let's start the show.

Not a bad look to open with with which to open. It's stark, it has a dramatic silhouette, and that blue draws the eye and sets the tone going forward. We really like the shape of the jacket. The pants, not so much.

A unique look head to toe. Again, we really like the jacket and we really like that he gives you something to look at, you know? You might not wear those bicycle shorts but you couldn't take your eyes off them coming down the runway.

There are some fit issues here, so we guess the best we can say here is that we like the ideas behind this look, if not the look itself. Those techy-looking patches are something of a trademark for this collection and he returns to them more than once. We think they look kind of cool.

This is probably a bit too Star Trek for its own good. Conceptually, it's pretty cool. Like a circuit board in dress form.

He continues that effect here, but to diminishing returns. This is not a very flattering or pretty look.


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