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PR: Ripping the Collections: Ben - Part 2

To infinity and beyond!

We guess this would be a good point at which to stop and point out that we like the ideas behind a lot of these clothes better than the clothes themselves. It's not that this collection is perfect; it's just that it had a lot of interesting things to look at. We like the jacket. We think the pants are the seed of something more interesting. But we have to point out that the jacket is not finished as perfectly as it could be. That hem is very uneven.

Love the colors and the tech-y skirt. Not on board with that Members Only top, though.

Another one where we love the ideas more than the reality. Although we genuinely do love that jacket, both the shape and the colors. The pants, like we said, are interesting. Something to look at but maybe not to wear.

Love this look. Love the colors, the silhouette, the detailing. It's modern and it's got that sci-fi feel to it, but it looks totally real and wearable and not like a costume.

We could have done without the gloves, but we feel the same way about this look: futuristic and real at the same time.

We definitely think Ben's got something to offer. It's a tech-y, primary colored, fantasy superhero aesthetic, but he's got enough sense of what's pretty and what's wearable that he doesn't go too far off into flights of fancy. This collection isn't perfect, but as a statement, it works perfectly. Definitely left us wanting to see more from him.


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