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Pretty, Pretty Boys

F/M/K, but not necessarily in that order.

Cosmopolitan Magazine's Fun Fearless Males of 2010 at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York City.

That's right: Fearless. Because in this world, a fearless man doesn't, say, run into a burning building to save a cat or go into a war zone to serve his country or even stand on his principles in the face of opposition. No, the truly fearless men out there are the pampered pretty boys whose every working moment consists of playing dressup and wearing makeup.

God, you gotta love the sheer stupidity of celebrity culture. But hey, enjoy the boys. We did.

Chris O'Donnell

Ed Westwick

Gerard Butler

Kellan Lutz

Nathan Fillion


Paul Wesley

Stephen Moyer

Terrell Owens

We've been asked more than once why we don't do more red carpet posts with men. These pictures should answer why. The color of the outfits range from light gray to blue to black. There's almost no variation in suit style and the only real difference among all of them are the color of their shirts and whether or not they decided to wear a tie. In other words, there's not a lot to talk about when it comes to celebrity men on the red carpet. If we tried to, the post would read like this:


Not fuckable.

Fuckable so long as he kept his mouth shut.

VERY fuckable!!!!!!!"

Maybe that should be the male version of the "In or Out" posts. The "Fuckable/Not Fuckable" post. So, who in these pics makes the fuckable list and who doesn't? We have to say, we saw Gerard Butler in person at the Versace party at the Whitney and pictures don't really do him justice. Incredibly good-looking man.


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