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Shelley O's Bow

This post is going to come up in some awfully dicey Google searches.

First Lady Michelle Obama speaks at the Grocery Manufacturers Association Science Forum meeting in Washington.

L'Wren Scott Spring 2010 Collection
Model: Jules Mordovets

It gives our inner 14-year-olds great pleasure to type this: we are not fans of the pussy bow. We never have been fans of the pussy bow. But we can't deny ol' Shelley is rocking the hell out of this one. So much so, that we're willing to forgive the pussy bow. We're wondering how many more times we can type the phrase "pussy bow" and not make it seem like we're forcing it into every sentence. Pussy bow.

Anyway, we think the reason we're willing to forgive this particular pussy bow is because she paired it with a kicky high-waisted skirt in a great color and topped it off with another shocking and imprudent display of her lady arms. Besides, even if she hadn't mitigated the pussy bow with these choices, she still would have had that killer haircut, which goes with everything. Seriously, Shelly. You need to never stop using that hair stylist, whoever it was.


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