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PR: The Shouldabins

Shouldabin in the bottom, shouldabin in the top.

Oh, NerdBen. You disappointed us this week.

Model: Alison Gingerich

Because that is an EYESORE and should have been in the bottom 3 over Anthony's. Sometimes being consistently ignored by the judges has its upside.

Uhhh...and that's all we have to say about that. It's a hammered metal dress that looks like crap. We've got nothing else to add.

Amy rebounded nicely from her clown fish chicken pants of the previous challenge.

Model: Monique Darton

Because this is really gorgeous. We think it's fair to say that since Amy's style is already so unconventional, challenges like this are right up her alley.

And while she certainly loves her titscrepancies, this is one instance where it worked perfectly.

Just love the chevron detail in the bodice. Beautifully done.

And we love the skirt, which is great if you need a quick mani touchup on the go. It was an unusual choice to do the circle cutouts near the top of the skirt, but again, it really works. Shouldabin in the top 3.

Question: Anyone see an accessory anywhere here? Or did she just glue washers onto the heels of the shoe, which, to be honest seems like a bit of a cheat to us?

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