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In or Out: Teri Hatcher in Christiane King

You know the drill:

Teri Hatcher attends the 24th Genesis Awards at The Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills, California in Christiane King.

So there we were, drinking our morning coffee, mud masks on, laptops at the table, perusing celebrity red carpet pictures.* "Hey," said one of us (probably the cute one), "Doesn't this dress on Teri Hatcher look like the dress Christiane got auf'd for in the beginning of the season?"

*NOTE: This may or may not have actually happened this way.

Why yes, in fact it does. It was such an exact replica that it had to have been Christiane's and a little bit of web-fu research revealed that it is.

We didn't love this dress when it got her auf'd and we can't say we love it here either. But here's the thing: she got auf'd on the very first challenge with this exact design and here she's got a fairly high profile celebrity starring on a hit show wearing it on the red carpet. That's pretty damn impressive. Can you imagine any of these other designs, also from first-challenge aufees showing up on the red carpet?

Season 1 Daniel Franco, Season 2 John Wade, Season 2 Heidi Standridge, Season 3 Stacey Estrella, Season 4 Simone LeBlanc, Season 5 Jerry Tam,, Season 6 Ari Fish

Yeah, neither can we. And if you CAN imagine it, you have to provide a valid example of a celebrity who would wear any of these scary things.

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