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They'll always be Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte.

Ladies, get your bitchpants on, grab your cigarettes and your Diet Pepsi, and meet us in the main conference room at T Lo headquarters. There are dresses to discuss.

Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kristin Davis arrive
at the ShoWest awards ceremony at the Paris Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Marchesa Fall 2010 Collection
Model: Carolyn

Oh, Sarah. Why do you do this to us? You make us fight and you make us say things we don't want to say. This is a really pretty dress. We love it, in fact. But Tom looked up from scrolling through these pics and said to Lorenzo, "No."

"Oh come on," Lorenzo whined back. "You're not going to say it, are you?"

"We can put down that we disagreed on this one, because honey? I cannot in good style bitch conscience fail to say what's staring us both in the face.

She is too old for that dress."

"Don't say it out loud!" hissed Lorenzo. "They'll hear you and break down our door!"

Okay, Lorenzo says Tom is on his own, so here goes: SJP's got a killer set of gams and we have no problem with a woman well north of 40 showing them off. It's not the length of the skirt. Cynthia Nixon's skirt is just as short and we like her look. No, it's all the poofiness, and shooting stars, and well, it's just so definitively girly in a very young girl kind of way. If the skirt was a little more streamlined, Tom probably wouldn't have this criticism. Okay, and maybe if a couple of the glittery princess stars went away. It's not the amount of skin she's showing, it's the Barbie-like quality of the dress.

And hey, we both like the hair, makeup, jewelry and shoes, so there's that.

Oscar de la Renta Pre-Fall 2010
Model: Angelika Kocheva

Ironically, the one criticism we have here is that Kristen would look better with the hem just an inch higher. Otherwise, it's a flawless look. Very sophisticated; and her dark hair and eyes coupled with the dress make for a dramatic look.

Have to say, we kind of love this Roberto Cavalli look on her. We don't know who the designer is (yet), but the whole easy, mod, sexy feel of the look suits her really well. Love the hair. We would have recommended a shoe with a little more interest.


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