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Vogue Hommes: Rebirth of Nature

Spring is here! Let's wrap pretty boys in branches!

Vogue Hommes Japan Spring/Summer Issue
Editorial: Rebirth of Nature
Photographer: Josh Olins
Stylist: Nicola Formichetti
Model: Julius Gerhardt

In a very general sense, male fashion editorials are nowhere near those of their female counterparts when it comes to artistry and interesting ideas. This entry from Vogue Hommes is a pretty good example. Take one pretty boy, give him a cosmonaut cut, wrap him in branches and items from a recycling bin, et voila. Fashion editorial. It's a shame, because the clothes are gorge. The boy is just okay. It's hard to assess his modeling abilities when the styling and staging are so oddly flat.

Still, we really like the clothes and there are worse things to do on a sunny Sunday than look at boys.

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