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Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2010 Collection

Big Bird on the runway! fills in the details:
"The house of Yves Saint Laurent took a step into a new dimension Monday, March 8, in Paris with a collection the label’s designer Stefano Pilati said was targeted at women in powerful positions. “Corporate women, ladies in power, women in authority,” Pilati said, after a presenting a sleek yet severe fall 2010 collection before some 1,000 people in the Grand Palais of Paris. Pilati’s color palette was nearly 80 percent in black, adding to the sense of authority of these clothes. His new lady-like decision maker favors strictly cut black wool jackets and curvaceous to the knee skirts. One model even carried a patent leather briefcase, as if en route for a business meeting."

While it's true that the feel of the collection is all about women of authority and power, the image that comes to mind isn't so much business women but nuns, especially with all the black and white and the huge floppy hats that look more like veils. Not that we're complaining, mind you. Some of those nun's habit-inspired looks are pretty hot, actually. We're less enamored of all the stiff, shiny, retro-looking dresses that come at the end of the collection. In fact, "stiff" might be the one word that comes to mind her, which is a shame. There are a lot of great pieces, but many of them look rigid and unflattering to us.


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