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ACM Awards 2010

Apparently the world of country music is colorless and bland. Who knew?

Carrie Underwood in Basil Soda Spring 2010 Couture

Pretty dress, but we would have loved a little color.

Juliane Hough Basil Soda Spring 2009 Couture

The hell? She has LASAGNA PANS stapled to the front of her dress. Who told her that was a good idea? Has she fired them yet?

Kristen Bell in Hervé Léger by Max Azria Spring 2010

A total yawn of a dress. Invisible from far away and boring up close.

Laura Bell Bundy in Tony Ward

"Yawn" doesn't even begin to describe this dress, which is so boring and undesigned that it's practically non-existent. A dress that no one's going to notice unless you just want to show off your upper thighs.

Does anyone else miss the days of Loretta Lynn's gigantic sequined prairie dresses?

LeAnn Rimes in Lanvin Spring 2010

Cute and stylish. Thank god for the color. It doesn't strike us as an awards show dress, though.

Nicole Kidman in L'Wren Fall 2010

We love this dress. We're just not sure we love it on her. At first we asked ourselves if she might be a little too old for this dress, but we don't think that's it. It's the hair. Totally wrong for it. She needed something a little edgier than Samantha Stevens hair.

Taylor Swift in Marchesa Spring 2010

Very pretty. It's essentially a high-end prom gown, but she's young and pretty and it's an award ceremony and she WORE COLOR (even if it is washed out), so we think she looks pretty good.


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