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PR: Emiliology


We fear the torches and pitchforks are going to come out in our comments section because we're about to pay Emilio a lot of compliments.

Ready? Here goes: to our surprise, it is Emilio who has the strongest collection of competition pieces. We've bitched a bit about some of his wins being undeserved, but looking at the whole thing, we're struck by how few missteps there are. Looks 4 and 5 are pretty bad but the only real disaster is the string bikini. The rest of them are decent to very good.

Additionally, we feel the need to point out that of the three finalists, Emilio clearly has the bigger trick bag. You can't really look at these pieces and single out elements that he repeats too often, like color blocking with Mila or very fitted jackets with Seth A. Hemlines, collars, tailoring, and draping are changed up over and over again. He can go from sleek and fitted to exuberantly draped and do both equally well. He's consistent without being repetitive and suddenly the judges' constant gushing makes more sense.

This isn't to say that he's necessarily the best designer of the season. After all, he changed it up each week and churned out well made, wearable, stylish clothes, but he's obviously a dress man (no separates here) and his aesthetic isn't far from classic, high-end department store.

It all depends on how the judges respond to that aesthetic and how well he executes it. You're not going to see anything new with Emilio's clothes, but you are going to see a level of professionalism and technical skill that puts him above the other two. And that's saying something because the other two are extremely adept in those areas.

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