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In or Out: Ginnifer Goodwin

How to put this?

Ginnifer Goodwin attends "Saks Fifth Avenue & Vogue Cocktail Reception For Vionnet" in head-to-toe Vionnet.

Vionnet Fall 2010 Collection
Model: Meghan Collison


You can't say she didn't put in the effort.

This is the kind of sentence that has great potential to get us in trouble, but here's the honest truth: We think it looks much better on the model. The thing is, that's because she's a model. This is a look that can be effectively pulled off by probably one woman out of a hundred thousand. The combination of the heavy ruched velvet and the slit and the shoulder pads and all the skin windows and the cooch-high boots? Yeah, that can go wrong in so many ways. And as we can see here, it did.

Look, we're not saying it's "unflattering" or anything like that; just that it's got a lot going on and it requires a certain attitude and look to pull it off. The fluffed-up pixie cut isn't what this look requires.

But hey, kudos to her for taking a risk. Unfortunately, she's OUT.

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