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In or Out: Jennifer Lopez

¡Dios mío, kittens!

Actress Jennifer Lopez attends 'The Back Up Plan' film premiere at the Vue Leicester Square in London wearing a Lanvin dress and necklace, Ferragamo pumps and Jimmy Choo clutch.

Lanvin Spring 2010 Collection
Model: Ranya Mordanova

Let's not waste any time here, poodles. An unmitigated OUT. Let's break it down.

The dress:
Hate it. J Lo can wear clothes like nobody's business but we doubt anyone could make this Hefty Cinch Sack of a dress look good.

The hair:
J Lo always rocks the up do and likes to get her hair as close to God as possible. It usually works for her because she has a narrow angular face and killer cheekbones. But alas, the best bone structure in the world isn't going to make this bird's nest look any better.

The accessories:
The necklace: We're all for big chunky jewelry, but that thing on her neck looks more like something you'd hang on your back porch to catch the wind.
The shoes: Basic. No problems there.
The bag: A skinned puppy.

To sum up: Hefty bag, bird's nest, wind chimes, skinned puppy. If there's a theme there, we sure as hell can't figure it out.

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