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In or Out: Lea Michele

Well, she had to make a mistake some time.

Lea Michele attends Fox's "Glee" Spring Premiere Soiree held at Bar Marmont in Los Angeles, California in an Etro dress and LaRare heels.

Etro Spring 2010 Collection
Model: Taylor Kraemer

Well, we love her hair. We can at least give her that. Everything else is so off-base that we're wondering if she changed stylists or simply did this one on her own. After all, with her rising star came many red carpet appearances this year and almost without fail, she hit it out of the park every time. This is so far away from her normal red carpet look that we're wondering what the hell she (or whoever was responsible) was thinking.

To be fair, we don't hate the dress. In the right circumstances and styled and accessorized correctly, it could be okay. It's a little Mrs. Roper caftan-y, but it's got some potential. Thing is, it's WAY too busy for a red carpet photo. Not to mention it's obviously too long on her. But the real piece de resistance is what's on her feet. Again, if we close our eyes and use our imaginations, we can come up with an instance and an outfit where those shoes might work. This is not that instance. Paired with the hippy-dippy dress and the loose hair (which, did we mention we love?), and your eyes (or at least, our eyes) don't know where to go. It's all just way too much. We luvya girl, but for once, we have to give you an OUT.

In related news, GLEE TONIGHT!

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