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In or Out: Nina Garcia

Oh dear.

Nina Garcia attends the 45th Annual National Magazine Awards at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center in New York City wearing Proenza Schouler.

Align Center
Proenza Schouler Spring 2010 Collection
Model: Flo Gennaro

Ooooh, kittens. We can hear you getting your "You guys are being mean!" signs together now. Yesterday we gave fellow finale judge Faith Hill an OUT and now, well, the power of fabulous compels us to sling one Nina's way too. It just isn't working for us. For one, it's not doing a THING for her shape. For another it's...we don't want to say "too young," but it's too...whimsical, we guess. The colors and the general pinata-ness of it all doesn't seem like a style that's really in Nina's wheelhouse in terms of being able to pull it off. In sum, it just doesn't seem very Nina to us. OUT.

Don't hate us because we're opinionated, darlings.

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