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Kylie Minogue for UK ELLE June 2010

Kylie? Are you in there?

The Goods: Kylie Minogue for UK ELLE June 2010 photographed by David Slijper.

The opinions: Well, it's certainly eye-catching, wouldn't you say? Besides, it's the subscriber cover, which always means they have more leeway than a news stand cover, which has to fight it out on the racks with other magazines for dominance.

We don't would be easy to make a lot of bitchy comments about the photographer being drunk or Kylie being so insistent on soft focus to make her look younger, which would inevitably lead us to making a comparison with Lucille Ball in Mame, in which she was so infamously soft-focused that it looked like they put a bag of ice in front of the lens, but darlings, we're just not that bitchy, so we won't make such crass jokes.

In truth, we think it's kind of a bold choice to make and the result has a certain arty-farty quality that's unusual for an Elle cover. What do y'all think?

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